Core Purpose & Values

As construction managers, general contractors and design/builders, we take pride in our work and our community. We are constantly striving to “Build for the Future”. This means building relationships as well as constructing sustainable structures that improve our day to day lives. Our inspiration and guidance to achieve our goals comes from our Core Purpose and Core Values.

Core Purpose: ‘To build great value, relationships and careers while having fun in the process.’
Core Values: ‘Honesty and integrity, customer service, passion for excellence, balanced life and building relationships.’

Our Core Purpose includes these guideposts:

  • Value - For our clients, for our company and for our employees.
  • Relationships - With our employees, our clients, our subcontractors, our consultants and our vendors.
  • Careers - Creating long-term career opportunities for our employees.
  • Fun - Having fun in our work and helping our clients to have fun in the building process.
Our Core Values represent the qualities we look for in the people we hire, our beliefs about how we should conduct our business and how we should aspire to do our very best work. We strive to demonstrate these values at a magnitude that allows others to recognize us as leaders within our company and within our industry. Our Core Values include:

Honesty and Integrity

Understanding that integrity is the foundation of trust and that trust is fundamental to our ability to provide the level of service that our clients expect and deserve.

Customer Service

Delivering a level of service that makes our clients want to work with us again and again.

Passion for Excellence

Dedicating ourselves to high-quality work and bringing value to the company and our clients.

Balanced Life

Flexibility in our approach to our professional and personal lives.

Building Partnerships

Building positive relationships with our fellow employees, clients, subcontractors, consultants and vendors.

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